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The Politics of Communion
The Bishops Gain Little and Risk a lot from Their Use of the Sacraments as a Political Football. By Jodi Enda From Conscience Summer/Autumn 2004
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The First One Hundred Days: The Future Papacy, the Future Church
Catholics for a Free Choice lays out a schedule for the new pope that includes meeting with survivors of sexual abuse by clergy and a complete renunciation of capital punishment.
April 19, 2005
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Catholics for a Free Choice Files IRS Complaint Against Denver Archdiocese
Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput violates election law with repeated efforts
to direct voters toward Bush vote.
Statement of Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for a Free Choice
October 25, 2004
Catholics for a Free Choice Files IRS Complaint Against Priests for Life
Antichoice organization misleads public with claims of nonpartisan voter education efforts as it attempts to influence election outcome.
Statement of Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for a Free Choice
October 13, 2004
Catholics for a Free Choice Files IRS Complaint Against Culture of Life Foundation
Antichoice organization violates election law with blatant attacks on candidate
Statement of Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for a Free Choice
September 28, 2004
Catholics for a Free Choice Files IRS Complaint Against Catholic Answers’ Partisan Voting Guide
Antichoice group violates election law with biased voter guide
Statement of Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for a Free Choice
September 20, 2004

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